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Global Ambassadors Award "2018"

The James Green Fellowship Award dinner took place on Monday, 19th, 2019, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Halsten Enterprise Southwestern regional office. According to Osee Lieberman, the purpose of this fellowship award diner is to award Professional Certificates of Completion to research assistants who engaged in our programs this semester, and successfully completed the United Nations Global Engagement summit 2018. "In compliance with our advocacy of U.S. Foreign aid for strong U.S-UN Relations, Government relations and most importantly, cultural diplomacy, recipients received a Presidential Pin (Seal of the Office) that represents the effort and impressive achievements of our interns", Lieberman added, in this effort of fostering multi-cultural dialogue, global peace, UN Sustainable development Goals and citizen-diplomacy, while tough decisions must be made in this fiscal climate, working with the UN is a resoundingly good bargain for the U.S. As citizen diplomats, recipients will continue to stand with their respective constituents in protecting funding for the vitally important work of the UN.

Why advocating for the United Nations?

The United Nations was established to foster global peace, prosperity and justice. It has succeeded in its fundamental mission of preventing a third world war and improving global quality of life. But over the last 60 years, the UN’s mission and membership have been broadened dramatically.

Why we stand for the United Nations (UN):

- The UN provides food aid to 80 million people in 80 countries - It has helped vaccinate 45 percent of the world’s children - The UN assists over 65 million refugees and people fleeing war, famine, and persecution - It has Kept peace with over 110,000 UN Peacekeepers in 15 operations on 4 continents - The UN continue to fight extreme poverty, helping improve the lives of more than 1.1 billion people

Thank you for helping us stand up for the UN.

The Halsten Enterprise,llc 2018

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