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Water Curtailment (City of Goodyear)

Update and improve the City of Goodyear’s water curtailment plan to be more equitable, effective, and efficient at conserving their groundwater reserves

The City of Goodyear plans to reduce water demand to protect its resources and residents and to meet its responsibilities under the State of Arizona’s Assured Water Supply Program. The Conservation and Curtailment Plan set out here defines water use reduction goals and identifies strategies to be used to protect City water resources as growth continues. The City’s overall conservation goal is to reduce gallons per capita daily consumption by 10% by 2015 and by an additional 5% by 2020. The Curtailment Plan prepares the City to rapidly reduce demand to protect essential water uses in the event of water shortages.Goodyear will meet its Conservation goal by 1) increasing efficiency of water use by the City itself,2) strengthening the public culture of water conservation, 3) assuring the water conservation program is fiscally sound, 4) providing financial incentives for conservation, and 5) recommending use of appropriate new water saving technologies. The City will fund water conservation through its water rates, placing the heaviest burden for this cost on the highest water use tiers.The City will target four components of water use. The City will first demonstrate leadership by increasing the efficiency of its own operations, and develop ordinances, policies and guidelines to help residents and developers minimize waste of water. In order to obtain early results, the City will then address other major uses of water in order of their contribution to overall use: landscaping(both residential and commercial, accounting for 48-60% of overall demand), residential indoor(26% of current demand), and commercial and industrial.Because it relies heavily upon groundwater, the City water service area’s greatest threats of water shortages will come from disruptions or contamination of its water system, not drought.Consequently, the City anticipates that its Curtailment Plan would most likely be invoked on short notice to respond to sudden, short term incidents that may affect only portions of the City service area. Advance education about the Plan will speed public response when it is needed.The Curtailment Plan will be implemented in stages when foreseeable demand reaches specific trigger levels. Stage 1 (Water Watch), Stage 2 (Water Alert), and Stage 3 (Water Warning) will be triggered as demand rises from 90% to 95% and 100% or more of available supplies. “Available supplies” will include all resources available for delivery within 24 hours. The Mayor may declare Stage 4 (Water Emergency) when demand far exceeds supply; the City Manager will declare other stages.

Important Dates

Completion of Problem Analysis - April 23, 2017 Completion of Policy Briefing - August 14, 2017

Key Individuals

Mark Holmes - Water Resources Manager (Goodyear) Arizona State University Students: Kennedy Sheppard; Nicole Sonnenburg; Ryan Barkley; Cong Jiang

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