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Sustainable Healthcare in Cameroon

In recent years, the peaceful nation of Cameroon has taken in over 150,000 refugees from war-torn areas in the sub-region of Central Africa. . Most of those seeking refuge are women and children. Last year alone, 83,000 children under the age of five died from preventable and treatable diseases. This project will provide desperately needed medical supplies to the local clinics in two impoverished rural areas, Bafoussam and Kumba, in Cameroon.

This project aimed to bring life-saving medical supplies and equipment to doctors and clinics. These supplies

will not only reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, but they will be the beginning of a sustainable health model, with doctors able to provide preventative treatment and education, such as vaccination, natal exams, etc., thereby reducing the number of urgent visits to the clinic.The Halsten Enterprise provided consulting services to achieve a sustainable healthcare transition to the project.

The services included a sustainable model as a combination of medical supplies, management software, internet, International volunteers, ISO/CSR business support and action-research that optimize medical services, increase medical and management performance while driving profitability and independence from foreign aid. The model also aims at maximizing preventive health systems as well as positive socioeconomic and environmental impacts in the communities.


 We designed sustainable healthcare training that improves medical and financial performance  We conducted case studies and social action research for preventive health-based programs


 We provided modern medical equipment, Medical software, Internet, Research and more...  We facilitated best-practices exchanges with international volunteers placement at local institutions

Medical Supplies: $1 million (1 Cont.) Grant funded: Yes Status: COMPLETED > 100%

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