Osee R. Lieberman



Osee has a multicultural background and is fluent in eleven languages. Osee earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Accounting, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in International Relations, Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping from the American Military University. A proponent of education, Osee is working toward a Doctorate Degree in Political Science and has completed a Post-Graduate Certificate of National Security in Counter-Intelligence.


Osee has also completed his research on Social, Economic & US Foreign Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Osee furthermore holds a wide range of professional certificates in varied fields such as Community-based Transformation, Psychology, Social Behaviors, Peacekeeping/Mediation, Project Management, International Law, including specialized training in Diplomacy, International Development, U.S. Foreign Policy, Government Relations and Public Private Partnerships.

Throughout his professional career, Osee has taken leadership roles in the management and coordination of multiple projects. Osee researched, secured grants, and successfully developed, monitored and evaluated various projects articulated into the United Nations sustainable development goals (UN-SDGs). Osee also engaged in several community outreach efforts and new business development strategic planning that drove growth among both local NGOs, SMEs in the U.S. and in developing nations (Africa & Asia). In support of legislation regarding U.S. Foreign Aid, Human Rights, Conflict Resolutions, Global Partnerships, Sustainable Development and National Security, Osee conducted research & community-evaluations on effective approaches and then presented geopolitics trends and resulted impacts to bipartisan lawmakers at the U.S. Congress.


Osee is also the author of: Basics of Peacekeeping in Africa, Public Diplomacy in International Relations, and Understanding American Politics Today, etc.


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